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Ford Angular

I own a 1953 Ford Anglia 494A car (Upright), which has never been restored and is regarded as being a fine example of the original production model, although not concourse standard. Recently my wife and I have been viewing various smaller cars with view to trading in the Ford Anglia under the scrappage scheme, however the majority of dealers we have approached are of the view it would be criminal to undertake this course of action as the Anglia is in such good condition. As they would have no alternative but to dispose of the car to a scrap metal dealer, resulting in the loss of a fine example of this model for the future. As we need the garage space we now feel it would be a far wiser idea to sell the Anglia separately. Could I have your expert opinion and advice on the best way to go about this? The majority of Classic Car sites seem to be more interested in Classic Sports Cars rather then this type of family car. A similar matter was raised by one of your correspondents from Leeds raised this point last week, and it must be quite an issue facing a number of classic car owners regarding the most economic way of selling their cars.

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Answered by Honest John
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You should get £1,000 for it, which is all the Gov puts in to scrappage
anyway. And you should still get at least the £1,000 discount that the
manufacturer and dealer put in
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