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I want to buy a classic car, but will they be outlawed in the UK in the near future?

I'm planning to buy a Mercedes W123 as a daily driver. There's an independent Mercedes mechanic who specialises in W123 repairs just 2 miles away. Do you think that the Government's drive to electric cars will lead to old petrol and diesel cars being outlawed in the near future? Thank you.

Asked on 22 June 2021 by zog

Answered by Andrew Brady
Do you live in a city centre? If so, you might find that a W123 doesn't meet the regulations if a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is introduced (or already exists). Currently, these are already in place in London and Bath, with plans to roll them out across numerous UK cities including Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. If they follow the same format as London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), cars with historical status (over 40 years old) will be exempt from charges. Otherwise, older Mercedes models like the W123 are unlikely to be outlawed. You'll need to be prepared for high maintenance costs running one as a daily driver but, on the flip side, a good one is unlikely to depreciate.
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