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What's the future for classic car owners amidst the move to electric?

Being in a position to indulge myself, I'm thinking of buying a classic car with a view to using it as a daily runner on short runs with the occasional long run. With the move toward electric vehicles and the cost of fuel likely to rise, is this a good idea? Generally, what is the future for classic vehicles? Are we likely to see them being gradually 'forced' off the road? I know that no one has a crystal ball but I'd like an informed comment on this subject. Thanks in advance.

Asked on 10 June 2021 by Roger Narraway

Answered by Andrew Brady
Go for it. Classic car prices are strong and seem to be getting even stronger – lots of people want to treat themselves after the last 12 months and are keen to own a classic car while it's still plausible. As you say, we don't have a crystal ball, but outlawing classic cars won't happen overnight. We predict they'll be on the roads for a while yet and demand is likely to remain high. There's an increasing amount of companies offering EV conversions – even David Beckham's just invested in one. That could be an option in the future.
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