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What do you think will be the result if the Government is able to make all vehicles electric by 2035?

What do you think will be the result if the Government is able to make all vehicles by 2035 electric? I understand that the legislation will be all petrol and diesel vehicles will be absolutely illegal to travel on the public roads. My question is if this legislation is successful then what will happen with all the vintage and restored vehicles that are presented say at car shows or the many museums of old cars around the country, it would also see the end of the London to Brighton old crocks race which has given people a lot of joy for many many years plus also the end of such places like Brooklands in Surrey.

Asked on 7 October 2019 by gerry1945

Answered by Keith Moody
Originally, the Government had planned to ban the sale of conventionally powered petrol and diesel cars by 2040. But as you mention, transport secretary Grant Shapps is 'exploring' ways of bringing this forward to 2035. It's important to note that currently this ban only applies to the sale of new vehicles - petrol and diesel fuel will still be available for cars already on the road. Just to put that in perspective, at the end of 2018 there were 38.2m licenced vehicles on the road with new vehicle registrations accounting for 2.9m. The fear factor about ridding the roads of cars powered by internal combustion engines comes from an interview that Conservative politician Michael Gove gave the BBC, talking about a '...a manifesto promise to ensure that by 2050 there would be no diesel or petrol vehicles on our road.' Personally, I believe that this will actually create more demand for older cars as people seek to have an experience that an electric-powered vehicle can't offer and offer centres like Brooklands and Beaulieu even more of a USP. Expect events such as the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (and indeed many car events) to be licensed - these offer a huge boost to the local economy and there would be nothing to gain from outlawing them. Indeed, research suggests that the classic car industry is worth £5.5bn to UK PLC.
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