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My dad has a 50's classic car. Should we sell the car with the original plate or sell them separately?

I'm writing in onn behalf of my father, who wants to sell his Lanchester LD10. The car has a three-letter, three-number car registration. He would like to know the most suitable means for selling the car and if there is any value just in the car registration. Thanks.

Asked on 11 May 2021 by Gavin Townsend

Answered by Andrew Brady
It's likely that the plate will have some value on its own but it'll depend on the exact letters and numbers. Classic cars with their original plates are more desirable, so your father will have to consider whether the value of the plate will outweigh any potential drop in the value of the car. It's worth bearing in mind that, to transfer the plate off your father's car, the Lanchester needs to be able to move under its own power, and must have been taxed or SORN'd for the last five years.

We'd recommend speaking to a classic car auction company. A good one will help your father achieve the best possible price for his Lanchester and advise on whether it's worth selling the plate separately. would be a good start.
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