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No plate like owned

I own a Morris 1000 1959-60, which my father bought me for £25 as my first car when I was 17. It was found in a barn with hens nesting in it. We brought it home, my father breathed life into it and I had many happy years driving it. I even found my husband in it, who may have been more attracted to the car then to me. The car has now been garaged for 20 years or more, and has become unroadworthy, although a good enthusiast could put it on the road. You might know someone who could be interested, price low. The one thing I would like to keep and transfer to my existing car is the number plate, being 999 BAO. I have all the up to date forms. I have contacted the DVLA a number of years ago, but they say, if I sent the car for scrap the number plate would go with it. This is not an option to me. Where do all the number plates come from in the press, and DVLA? Do they own all the cars? to take the number plates from. Please can you advise me, as this number plate is very special to me.

Asked on 1 August 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Unless the car is brought back to life, MoT'd and taxed, you cannot
transfer the registration to a retention certificate or to another vehicle. And unless the car is SORNd in your name it could be that the registration has already been taken back by the DVLA and reallocated. The website explains all this, if you search for the information. Some of the advertised plates are on cars that they can be transferred from. Some are on retention certificates. The DVLA itself sells all those it can find unallocated. You only ever lease a registration. You never actually own it.
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