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Is my J Reg (1992) Defender 90 a classic?

I own a J Reg (1992) ex-MOD Defender 90; 69HP, naturally-aspirated diesel. I am concerned that I will be caught out by tax changes based on the CO2 it produces. I do few miles, mainly off road. Given that it is now 28 years old, can it be classified as ‘classic’ or another classification that might exclude it from any draconian rules?

Asked on 16 March 2020 by Peter Broomfield

Answered by Keith Moody
There's no real definition of what is and what isn't a classic. For some insurers, it's more about how you use the car. For example, you can get a new MX-5 on a classic policy as long as you only use it for high days and holidays. For other cars, there's a 20/25/30 year period they need to clock up. As far as HMRC is concerned, then it's 40 years - that's when your car becomes a classic and is therefore exempt from paying VED.

Your Defender falls into the category of cars registered before March 1, 2001, which only has two categories. For cars not over 1549cc it's £160 a year; while over 1549cc is £265. Have a look here:
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