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What kind of automatic does a Volvo 460 have fitted?

We recently purchased a house, which has a Volvo 460 1.7 SE 1994, with 72,000 miles. The car is in good condition with only minor rusting at door bottoms and the relatives of the previous owners of the estate have said to do what we want with it. It seems to run well and the garage has said it will go straight through an MoT with some tyres. My question is what type of auto box is in this car? I know its not the CVT version, but someone suggested it may a Renault or ZF box?

I just want to know, as if its a liability i will just send it over the bridge, but it has a tow bar so would be good for runs to the dump and for bike rack.

Many thanks

Asked on 1 November 2019 by Kyle Sharpe

Answered by Keith Moody
I believe it's a four speed ZF unit and they can suffer from the primary drum splitting - but you should have plenty of miles left in it yet. More pressing will be to keep an eye out for rust. There's only 371 left so if you don't want it, make sure it goes to a Volvo enthusiast rather than your local scrap yard.
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