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How much is a 1999 Smart Limited 1 worth?

We own a 1999 Smart Limited 1. I believe there were only 7500 of these Limited 1 specials produced. How many are still-on-the-road today and what sort of valuation could we expect to achieve if sold. Only due to the rarity value, I am thinking of offering it to Smart/Mercedes-Benz UK to add to their heritage fleet.

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There are probably now only a couple of dozen Limited 1s in the UK - but the values don't match the rarity. We spoke to Al Young - chairman of the Smart Club. He said, 'No Smart City Coupes (MCC) built before 2001 were ever sold in the UK and that includes the Limited 1. Every smart was LHD and imported, bringing with it some issues around headlamp alignment and rear fog/reverse light configuration. The UK workaround was inevitably messy, which means the final road-going version is not a 'pure' Limited 1. As always, low-mileage cars can bring their own issues in terms of seals, bearings etc on this 20-year-old car. Ideally, this is for someone to garage and keep. Will it increase in value? Probably not. There may be someone out there willing to pay silly money but I believe, as does my committee, that a max figure of double the 'normal Limited 1' would be realistic - so let's say £2000.'
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