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Should I sell my TR6 in the winter or wait until spring?

What’s the best way to sell my low mileage TR6 in winter? Or should I wait for spring?

Asked on 8 October 2019 by Robyn Rogers

Answered by Keith Moody
It's always a bit tougher to sell a car at the end of the year. Potential buyers have one eye on Christmas and there's a drain on their finances - plus people tend not to be thinking about buying soft-top sports car... if anything they're generally looking at something a bit more practical and possibly with four-wheel drive if we get snow and ice! That said, if a buyer is in the market for a TR6 then they'll be on the lookout. You may find that while you don't get as many responses as you'd expect, the quality will be higher. But traditionally values take a dip over the darker months. You could try a two-stage approach, marketing the car to Triumph club members and enthusiasts before Christmas and then listing it for general sale. Of course, if you're a rush and you want to get the car sold then getting it out there to as many people as possible is crucial. We've got some tips on selling your car here:
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