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Is a Japanese imported BMW 5 Series worth considering?

I'm looking at buying an E39 BMW 5 Series. Several I've seen online from dealers are low mileage Japanese imports. Should I avoid these or are they okay to give serious consideration to? I guess I'm concerned about issues like dodgy mileage recordings, lack of MoTs, road legality in UK, no HPI record etc.

Asked on 27 September 2019 by Michael Miles

Answered by Keith Moody
Worth considering, yes. They are often like a 'nearly new' car - if that's what you want. These generally have little quirks like a speedo that reads in km/h and there could be an issue with the radio - although both can be sorted. Remember to check you're insurance premium as it could be higher. Potential buyers might be put off if you decide to sell the car on.
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