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What's a good starter classic that's easy to maintain?

My son wants to buy a classic car. His budget is £5k but will go to £10k for the right car. He is not mechanically minded so it must be reasonable to maintain. He fancies a Morris Traveller but is a Ford or other mainstream car a better choice?

Asked on 4 September 2019 by Mr. Flostie

Answered by Keith Moody
Great news that he's interested in a classic. With a budget that size, he'll have a substantial amount of choice. If he's not mechanically minded, it might be worth saving some of that budget for maintenance - you should budget for this anyway. Generally speaking, the older the car is then the easier it is to work on. For example, a Triumph Spitfire is very easy to keep going on your own (and he may wish to learn) while a more modern classic with ECU's and fuel injection require a bit more know-how and specialist gear. That said, there are always exceptions - this is only a rule of thumb. A Morris Minor is an excellent first time classic - but a Traveller can present issues as the wood is structural and needs to be in good condition for basic safety needs. Remember, some examples will be exempt from the MoT test but if it must be roadworthy to be insured. If you do go for a Traveller, try to buy the best one you can - although be mindful that buying a car 'too good' can detract from the enjoyment if you're afraid to leave it in a car park or worried about taking it out in the rain. I think it's really important he gets a car he likes so rather than trying to steer him away from a Traveller just help him choose a good one. The club is fantastic and but if you're entrusting all the service to a specialist make sure a good one isn't too far away.
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