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What is a fair market price for a 1998 BMW 728i?

What is a fair market price for a 1998 BMW 728i which has done 50,000 miles with one driver? I see prices vary from £500 to several thousand pounds.

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E38 models do struggle to appreciate in value, I'm afraid. Many buyers are put off by how big, complicated, thirsty and expensive the car is to maintain - but as a classic proposition (or at least a car that won't cover many miles) there is a case to be made for them. Consequently, an example that's in need of some TLC can go for well under a grand while we've seen one-owner cars with FSH and more miles than yours go through auctions for £4k. Ultimately, a car is only worth what someone wants to pay for it - but it sounds like your example should be at the higher end of the spectrum. If you're in no rush to move it on, ask for £2500 to £3500 and wait it out.
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