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Is a Toyota MR2 a good choice as a weekend car?

I am hoping to buy a Toyota MR2 as a weekend car. What engine size is best, auto or manual? Which is the best year, hard top or soft top? If possible I would like a low mileage car with a good history for up to £7k.

Asked on 13 August 2019 by malcskipton

Answered by Andrew Brady
A £7000 budget will get you pretty much any MR2. As a weekend toy, I'd be looking for a third-generation model. This is the last MR2 to be sold, with the latest ones registered in 2006. If you're lucky, you mind find a TF300 model - one of the final 300 sold in the UK with desirable extras such as leather/alcantara seats and a twin exhaust system. Expect to pay around £5000 for a good one of these with low miles and full service history. I'd be looking for a manual as it suits this kind of the car and the SMT gearbox can be troublesome.

If you'd prefer something older, you'll get a good Mk1 or Mk2 model with your budget. An original Mk1 would be a very cool, retro weekend toy that will be fun to drive and also be eligible for many classic car shows. They like to rust so do your research and give it a full inspection before buying one. Visit our classifieds here:
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