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Is the Volvo 940 Estate a classic in the making or just an old banger?

We have had a 1994 Volvo 940 LPT SE estate in the family for about 15 years It has been at times a second or third family car, not a heavy load lugger or working car. Now we have to consider selling it, reluctantly and have a dilemma. In some places, we see these for sale for a few hundred pounds, on other sites for several thousand. Ours has 145,000 miles, body, mechanicals in excellent order, interior in great but not show condition. Lots of paperwork. Is it just an old banger or on the way up?

Asked on 7 May 2019 by geoff linsell

Answered by Keith Moody
These are at the bottom of their depreciation curve, so values are all over the place. Yes, limited edition low-mileage potential show cars can creep up to a couple of thousand if they find the right buyer - but this one sounds like it's squarely in the £750-£1250 range. Sounds like a solid car that will make an excellent daily driver.
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