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When can I register my March 1978 car as historic?

I have a 1978 Triumph Stag that becomes historic this year. It was 1st registered 1st Mar 1978. The MoT runs out 18th April 19 and the tax runs out 1st May 19. I just want to check that as the tax runs out after the MoT, can I register the car as Historic from the 1st April 2019 whereby the MoT will then become exempt? I do still plan to have it checked annually anyway.

Asked on 1 April 2019 by Richard Waplington

Answered by Keith Moody
The tax and the MoT aren't linked. So you'll need to reclassify your vehicle as historic for VED purposes. Then, next time you tax it online, you can check the MoT self-declaration box. Good idea on getting it checked every year, especially as your insurance won't be valid if the car isn't in a roadworthy state. Just remember, though, that if it does go for an official test and it fails the same rules apply (i.e you'll need to get the fault rectified and the car retested for it to be legal).
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