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How much is my 1999 Ford Focus saloon worth?

This year my 1999 Ford Focus 2.0 saloon will become a classic. Can you give me any idea how much the value of the car could be for insurance?

Asked on 13 March 2019 by T.R.Beamish

Answered by Keith Moody
In our eyes, the Ford Focus is a modern classic - one of the few cars that can be labelled as a gamechanger. However, it was also Britain's best selling car - which means that there are still plenty left. With supply currently out-weighing demand, prices for Mk1 Focus models are still pretty low. Unless, of course, it's an RS or an ST - Ford tax often applies sooner to sporty Fords. A car's value is determined by many things, not least its condition, mileage and history - none of which you mention. As such, it could be worth between £500 if it's scruffy to £1500 (or more) if it's a tidy, low-mileage, one-owner car in showroom condition with very low mileage. One thing that may work in its favour is its body style - saloons are rare in the UK (although not in Europe). If you need a valuation for insurance purposes, you'll need to contact a Ford club and they'll be able to provide the paperwork.
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