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How much is my 1999 Ford Focus saloon worth?

This year my 1999 Ford Focus 2.0 saloon will become a classic. Can you give me any idea how much the value of the car could be for insurance?

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In our eyes, the Ford Focus is a modern classic - one of the few cars that can be labelled as a gamechanger. However, it was also Britain's best selling car - which means that there are still plenty left. With supply currently out-weighing demand, prices for Mk1 Focus models are still pretty low. Unless, of course, it's an RS or an ST - Ford tax often applies sooner to sporty Fords. A car's value is determined by many things, not least its condition, mileage and history - none of which you mention. As such, it could be worth between £500 if it's scruffy to £1500 (or more) if it's a tidy, low-mileage, one-owner car in showroom condition with very low mileage. One thing that may work in its favour is its body style - saloons are rare in the UK (although not in Europe). If you need a valuation for insurance purposes, you'll need to contact a Ford club and they'll be able to provide the paperwork.
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