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What paperwork do I need to import a barn find from France back to the UK?

I am having a barn find 1952 Citroen restored in Italy. As a barn find there are no papers - I have nothing. My plan is to import it on a trailer to the UK and then work out what has to be done to make it UK roadworthy and then get those works done and then get it registered and MOT'd. So when I arrive at Calais/Dover with the car on a trailer - what will happen?

Asked on 4 March 2019 by john

Answered by Keith Moody
If you are bringing the car in on a personal basis, you can just trailer the car into the country. But within 15 days of entry you must put the car on the HMRC NOVA system (online). This is mainly to notify HMRC the car is in the UK and all taxes are paid (

Once that's been done you can take as long as you like to register the car. We asked Keith Riddington at dealer Classic Mobilia what happens next. He said, 'The DVLA will not issue a registration document until the car is roadworthy, so the car may need to be inspected at some time, so it is always best to get the car MOT'd, although by law it does not require one, it just displays the car is roadworthy. MOT will be done on the chassis number, if not registered.

'The DVLA will require the last registration document from the country it was last registered and they do like the original, so some work will be needed in this area to prove you have tried to locate the original.

You will need a Dating Letter from the Citroen club or Citroen UK to prove the year of manufacture (

'Insurance will be required and this can be issued on the chassis number. Proof of identity and UK address, by means of Passport or driving license (Copies only) and two forms of utility bills for proof of address.

'Once the V55/5 form has been completed and £55.00 for first registration fee is sent, that's when the DVLA notify that the car is to be inspected by there designated inspectors (SGS), this takes half an hour, just a few photographs of chassis number and the car ('
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