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Can I tax my car as both historical and as a disabled driver?

I am registered as a disabled driver and have a blue badge. My car is taxed as disabled, which I get free. The taxation class of disabled allows me to enter restricted access areas (disabled only) in towns and cities for parking purposes. I'm now thinking of changing to a classic car, built prior to 1967, so it will be both tax and MoT exempt. Is there any way to tax it historical/disabled so I can still access the restricted areas?

Asked on 19 February 2019 by Gasman.....

Answered by Keith Moody
A vehicle cannot be in two separate tax classes – it either has to be taxed as a disabled vehicle or taxed as a historic vehicle. However, the tax class is not linked to the MoT exemption. Within Great Britain a vehicle weighing 3500 kgs or less is exempt from MoT if it was registered or manufactured 40 years ago, has not been substantially changed in the last 30 years and is not a public service vehicle
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