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Where should I sell a Mercedes 190E?

A friend has a 1992 one-owner Mercedes 190 1.8 automatic with very low mileage (under 50K). It has hardly been used for the last 11 years and was last started at least five years ago. Before then it ran perfectly well. It has been garaged in the dry all its life and has no accident damage. It has no MoT and is on a SORN. How and where should she go about selling it? Should it be sent to auction as it is or overhauled and MoTd first?

Asked on 5 February 2019 by allan steward

Answered by Keith Moody
While this is definitely an emerging modern classic, values are currently on the low side. If your friend can do the work themselves, then a runner will be worth more and be more attractive as a sale proposition than a car that's being sold as a project. If not, they could always get the car to a local garage for an inspection and a full quote of what's needed - in some way this may not be a bad idea as at least then any potential buyer will have an idea of what's required. In terms of selling, it depends on how much time your friend wants to invest. Maximum value will be achieved by placing adverts for the car on sites like eBay, Car and Classic... and we also have our own cars for sale listings. Social media is also an increasingly popular way of advertising cars and there is also traditional print titles: weeklies such as Classic Car Buyer and Classic Car Weekly, and an array of monthlies. As you can imagine, such wide coverage will generate a fair few phone calls. And, if the car stays as a non-runner, then there will be plenty of questions to answer (so try and cover off most of these in the advert listing). Sending it to an auction will reduce the hassle factor, but remember there will be a cost to include it in the sale and the auction company will take a percentage of the final price (or a minimum amount if it's low value). You'll also have to pay to get it transported.
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