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I want to replace the front drum brakes on my 1958 MGA with discs - what do I need to know before going ahead?

I am considering replacing the front drum brakes on my 1958 MGA with discs. It seems a simple process and there are several kits on sale. What do I need to know before going ahead?

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Converting your MGA to disc brakes is a job that you can do at home, providing you're reasonably handy with a set of spanners and have a well-stocked toolbox (as well as a copy of the workshop manual). We spoke to Andrew Hooper at the MG Owners' Club Spares Department, which sells conversion kits for £599.95. Each kit includes: MGB stub axle assemblies, used MGB steering arms, new MGB calipers, MGB Brake discs and pads, MGB wire wheel 12TPI hubs, wheel bearings, braided brake hoses, and all nuts, bolts, bushes and fixing required to complete the job. Andrew said, 'This is kit is only suitable for wire wheels. The only stumbling block will relate to the track rod ends because these will usually need to be shortened by 5mm to allow enough adjustment to set the tracking correctly.'
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