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How much should I ask for my 1998 BMW M3?

I have been the sole lady owner of an Estoril Blue BMW M3 SMG Evo since I purchased it new in 1998. The car is in great condition and recently has had a new hood. It has 120k on the clock. I am now looking to sell the car. What kind of figure should I ask and what would you consider to be the best media platform?

Asked on 22 January 2019 by Gerald Dobson

Answered by Keith Moody
You'd probably expect to see a car in this condition up for more than £20k at a dealer and not far off that if sold privately. If you put the hours in selling it (decent prep, decent photos, good description) and get it in as many outlets as possible (as well as dealing with all the phone calls) you'll max out your money ... as opposed to placing it with a dealer or an auction (less hassle but they take a cut). Make sure you hit the BMW specialist titles and websites as well as more mainstream.
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