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If I opt for classic car MoT exemption will I still be able to present my car for an MoT in that same road tax year?

I have a 1977 MGB that I have recently registered as a vehicle of historic interest. I understand I still have to tax it annually but the charge is £0. I also understand that when I tax it I can opt to be exempt from the MoT. If I opt for the MoT exemption will I still be able to present it for an MoT in that same road tax year should I so wish or will the MoT computer at the garage not recognise it?

Asked on 8 January 2019 by John Serenyi

Answered by Keith Moody
You would still be able to MoT your car - although if it fails you'll need to get it fixed. Your insurance requires you to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition so we'd always recommend getting your classic checked over.
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