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The automatic gearbox on my 1991 BMW became very stiff - what's wrong?

I have a 1991 BMW 525i in very good condition, it has covered 135k mile since new and has never given a problem. I drove it robustly the other day in very hilly terrain so the auto gearbox was working hard. When I completed the journey the gearbox selector was extremely stiff and difficult to move. When the car cooled down, it was normal again. I have asked my garage to top up the automatic fluid in the gearbox which was last done about seven years ago as it is not part of the servicing routine. It took between two and three litres. Should I watch for any thing else?

Asked on 2 July 2018 by

Answered by Keith Moody
I'd suggest you look for a leak from the automatic box as total capacity for these units is around four litres. Was the 'box hanging on to gears? It sounds like the transmission may have gotten very hot during your journey and vented fluid.
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