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Is a Jaguar E-Type a wise investment?

I'm not really a "car guy" (a two year old pickup is my daily drive) but I've got a yen to buy a Jaguar XK-E (an E-Type as it's called in the UK...) which I'm sure you will agree is not just a car but a great work of art. Could I have your advice on what year and options are best? I'm in California and there are rust-free examples about but Jaguars of that vintage were not know for their reliability and all are at least 40 years old. If you think an XK-E is a bad choice can you suggest another beautiful car to spend my last years in? Thanks so much.

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Let's face it, no E-type is a bad choice. The Series 1 roadster is perhaps the most desirable, but if it was our money we'd go for a 4.2 FHC. Why? Because the E-type is all about 'that' shape which is lost with the roof chopped off and the slightly lazier 4.2 makes it a bit easier to drive in modern traffic. But really, you should go out and drive as many as you can to find the right one for you.
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Beautiful styling, excellent road manners, and in real terms, for a car with such iconic status, values are still realistic.

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