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Austin Metro MK1 - car wont start after stood for long time


After the car has been parked up for a long time tried to start it with good battery and wont start! just turns and turns and turns no chance of fire (full throttle and choke, though it was a good starter last time had it running)

Matty with shop at end of road says that after a while the alcohol and the petrol split in the tank and this is causing the problem why cars parked up for a while wont start

Any surgestions on getting it fired up for the firs time please (please no more "easy star" surgetions please)



Calum38    on 10 April 2024

You can try putting a fuel additive in the tank to mix the fuel and help it ignite better. Also, check the spark plugs and ignition system for any problems. If it still doesn't start, it's best to get a mechanic to check it out.

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