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Bying classic car for first time

Any advice on this one please. Where and what to buy and how much to spend. I met someone a couple of years ago that had an an old 37 year old A reg citeron that was a runner and road legal. He said he paid 1300 quid for it, now I imagine the price has gone up since scrap has gone up in comparison. But can I get something like that for its money


PS where do you get parts for these thinks


edlithgow    on 19 December 2022

I don't think you are likely to get a comprehensive answer to such a wide open question. You'll have to do your own research.

I've only done a bit of casual poking around while I was back in the UK, prompted by an old Landrover in a local dealer, but it has tended to confirm my impression that I can't now afford to run a car here.

So in answer to your "can I get something like that for its money" I'd say the answer is NO.

Ana William    on 26 December 2022

I think you question is to open, but I don't think you can get something like this for thar amount of money

SLO76    on 18 February 2024

It’s unlikely you’ll find something usable that’s already in classic status, but you can pick up something a bit retro from the 90’s that could offer something a bit different but possibly still reliable and with parts availability. A K11 Nissan Micra is a great starting point, these were great fun to drive, very reliable and cheap to buy and run. Avoid the fragile CVT autos and watch for rust. I loved these wee cars when I was a young salesman in the 90’s. The Mk IV Ford Fiesta with the 16v 1.25/1.4 petrol motor were great too, but few have survived due to rust. Well worth preserving either of them.

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