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N.A - Tax MOT and Insurance for classics

A while ago I met some one with a 37 year old A reg Citeron

He said he paid something like 130 odd quid for his insurance. I asked him why so low and he said because clasics insurance is much cheaper.

Wish I took his number down now coz I did not ask him the name of the insurance company

He also said that once the car becomes 40 years old it is MOT exempt

Ayone any insight on this please?



_    on 22 August 2022

Note that mileages will be limited. And yes once 40 years old mot exempt. But you will need to "tax" it online free every year,

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Russeler    on 26 August 2022

Interesting link you have there. I see it gives some examples of priceing. But it dose not give ean example of the persons age, no claims acidents, job title est. Is it realy a lot cheaper then regular car insurence?

So you are saying its free to Tax them, is that over 40 years as wel?

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