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Volkswagen Golf - First car, 08 Golf Advice?

Hi, seen this is a well respected and used forum so thought to seek some advice on here. I am in the market for a Golf DSG ideally no more than £4000 and I've come across the following. My initial worry was that it had 4 previous owners but let me know what you guys think.

2008 1.9 TDI Match Volkswagen Golf 5dr DSG with 87,000 miles. £3500.

Has full service history but only up to 78,000 miles. 4 previous owners

The car has never failed an MOT though so I think that says its in good condition?

Dealer said he'd service it and MOT it obviously before but is it too risky with 4 previous owners and that lack of servicing from 78k to 87k or is it still worth it? Tried to get more info about those previous owners from the guy but he said he couldn't give out any even though different dealers in the past often tell me?

If it helps, besides 2 minor stone chips on the bonnet, the bodywork and interior is pretty much spotless from the photos. Also I've been told this is a high price but I'm not sure if this is because it is an automatic and some are unaware of the average higher prices (little to no DSG mk5 golfs under £3000) or if car prices are just relatively high atm? All in all, what are your overall thoughts on the car, the price, condition etc?

Asked on 7 July 2021 by ahfae

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