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Audi 100 SL 1970 - Advice on selling vintage Audi 100

Hi, my grandad passed away and we are looking to sell his pride-and-joy 1970 navy Audi 100 SL, with approx 100,000 miles. He was a mechanic by trade and so everything has been kept to the highest standard, though the car hasn't run for approx 10 years but has been kept inside a garage through this period. Would anyone be able to offer some advice on the best place to try and find a good home for the car? The car is located in Farnham Common, SL2. I'm also posting this message in the other forum area as not entirely sure where I should be posting this! Thank you. David


stan10    on 17 June 2021

Hi DD,
Check out -

I suspect you have a rare surviver, so don't rush into selling it, maybe check the auction sites for an estimate.
I have a feeling that a bit of investigation might be beneficial

Try and find another one for sale ?

good luck

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