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Renault Trafic Rimini - 1996 Renault Trafic Camper Buying Advice


Me and my girlfriend have been looking to buy a camper van for a while and went to view a 1996 Renault Trafic Rimini today. Unfortunately we fell in love with this hen's tooth!

Petrol version with power steering. They are asking £5500 and I'm assuming I can get it down to £5000.

- It has passed every MOT since 2013 however I wouldn't trust the last one 100% as it's in a small dealership.

- It has 12 months MOT

- Inside has been quite well kept and it does seem like it had a careful owner previous to the dealership. (It's a caravan place so probably a PX)

- The body work looks OK except for rust at the rear. Please see images below. The worst is the first picture.

- There is no gas bottle attached and the guy selling it didn't have much clue about how anything worked (Fridge, heating, stove, water tank etc)

My main concerns are the rust underneath (despite just passing an MOT without any work) and not knowing if all the appliances work inside. I have never owned a motorhome and have no idea how it all works. I completely forgot to ask if it had a leisure battery fitted etc.

So I just need some help from the experts here! My main questions are:

- Is £5K a reasonable price?

- Is the rust at the rear of the vehicle something to be concerned about?

- Is it likely that any of the appliances don't work (fridge, water tank, heating, stove, grill etc)

- If I go back to view again, how do I test these? Where does the leisure battery fit and what does it power?

They primarily sell caravans so I'm sure they will have a spare gas bottle somewhere (How do I attach it?) and I can bring a spare car battery and hook it up to where the leisure battery goes.


Asked on 5 April 2021 by RiminiRimini

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1 answer

strange but true    on 17 April 2021

Google reviews of the dealer.
You can find tutorials on you tube how to use the inside.
Motorhomes and caravans should have something called a habitation check.

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