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Had error code 3 and 4 flashing on dash. This equates to Passenger side front Safety belt pretensioner circuit fault. Purchased a second hand Passenger side front pretensioner from a quality seller on ebay 100% positive feedback.

So disconnected battery and waited 5 minutes (Jaguar manual states 1 minute). Pushed seat back and Removed the two front bolts holding down the front passenger side seat, then pulled seat forward to show back cover covering the 4 front passenger side seat bolts, removed this cover, and then removed these bolts, From front of seat tipped seat backwards to I could see the two pretensioner wire that go into the connector at the front of the seat. then got my new pretensioner out of the box, and compared it to the one I had in my car, I had ordered the wrong colour, my car has a black one, the one I had ordered was sable in colour. So I decided to disconnect the two pretensioner cables from the front connector, just incase there was a faulty connection, did this then put everything back in reverse order. Connected the battery and switched on the ignition. To my amazement the error code changed from 34 to 33, this indicates that the Front drivers side safety belt pretensioner circuit was at fault. So did exactly the same with the front seat, disconnecting the battery and waiting 5 minutes then removing bolts and then discounnecting the two pretensioners from the front connector, put everything back in reverse order. connected the battery again, and to my amazement I did not have any codes flashing, so it was just a loose connection under both seats. Hope this helps some one.


andreewkelvin    on 11 August 2020

I checked Barney's rundown against the XK8 list and the understanding is acceptable. Be that as it may, in XK8 there is a Code 49 that, alongside 51 and 52, spread Front Safety Belt Buckle and Seat Track Position Switches. As X Type belts are 51 and 52, there is by all accounts a decent possibility that 49 is the Seat Track Position Sensor on either the Driver's or Passenger's Seats If it's one of your AWD models or the Driver's Seat in the Diesel Not one on the Passenger Seat in FWD vehicles! They're rivetted to the seat track, so not all that simple to get out! May very well need the connector tidying up. military phonetic alphabet

karan123    on 13 August 2020

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rishioo7    on 10 September 2020

The 2.0-liter diesel-engined X-TYPE has been apparently the most huge Jaguar of late years. It was the marque's first oil-consuming motor and it's been persistently advancing to stay up with new mechanical turns of events. The CO2 figure for the X-TYPE diesel cantina is 152g/km while the domain offers 154g/km.

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rakkioo7    on 12 September 2020

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