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Vauxhall Carlton - Rustproofing paint chassis underseal coating

I am currently restoring my late uncles Vauxhall Carlton that's been in storage for many years. The car is in good condition - but i'm looking to protect the chassis. Is this the best paint for bare metal? I've fully stripped and cleaned the chassis underbody last weekend.


edlithgow    on 25 December 2020

I believe that is an epoxy. Americans swear by it.

I'd think applying it directly to bare metal isn't optimal, and a conventional paint scheme would ivolve something like a zinc-rich primer on first.

If you dont mind being unconventional you could try this. Works really well and is essentially free. However, I havn't tried overpainting it, and I'd guess it might give you adhesion problems unless fully cured, which takes quite a long time.

I'd think painting of exposed surfaces isn''t/shouldnt be your main concern though, since rusting in cavities and crannies is the main threat, and for that you need a penetrating spray of some kind (Dinitrol, Waxoyl, etc)

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edlithgow    on 3 January 2022

Over a year ago, so the OP is unlikely to be interested, but for the record, I think I was a bit too polite about POR-15 above.

i.e. Americans are wrong.

I wouldn't use epoxy in that role, partly because its toxic (you can get very badly sensitised to it) and expensive, but mostly because its a tough impervious coating.

Sounds good but isn't, since rust could proceed hidden beneath it, and it might trap moisture.

IF one must paint, I'd say the sort of bituminous paint used on drainpipes would be better.

Easily removed with white spirit if you need to re-treat a rusting surface,for which I would abrade with aluminium, as described in the link above.

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