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Vauxhall Carlton - Rustproofing paint chassis underseal coating

I am currently restoring my late uncles Vauxhall Carlton that's been in storage for many years. The car is in good condition - but i'm looking to protect the chassis. Is this the best paint for bare metal? I've fully stripped and cleaned the chassis underbody last weekend.


edlithgow    on 25 December 2020

I believe that is an epoxy. Americans swear by it.

I'd think applying it directly to bare metal isn't optimal, and a conventional paint scheme would ivolve something like a zinc-rich primer on first.

If you dont mind being unconventional you could try this. Works really well and is essentially free. However, I havn't tried overpainting it, and I'd guess it might give you adhesion problems unless fully cured, which takes quite a long time.

I'd think painting of exposed surfaces isn''t/shouldnt be your main concern though, since rusting in cavities and crannies is the main threat, and for that you need a penetrating spray of some kind (Dinitrol, Waxoyl, etc)

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