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Jaguar XJ 12 HE - Jaguar XJ 12 HE 1982 Series 3 - Gearbox issue


I have a Jaguar XJ 12 HE 1982 Series 3 manufactured in Europe and I have an issue with the gearbox. I am looking for this item AAU6679 - VALVE BODY SPACER PLATE, but apparently it’s not manufactured anymore. Unfortunately, there is no option on the second hand market. The only options that I could find was on the US market and there is a brand called Transgo and the product is .

Does anyone has experience with this or can suggest a solution in finding an item similar with this one AAU6679 ?


Asked on 26 October 2018 by Ciprian Paraschiv

Tags: used cars torque convertor new cars petrol cars hybrid cars

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