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Vauxhall Chevette - Saw A Chevette

Parked up on a drive near my sister in law's place.

It was in really good condition "S" reg in an orage colour. This one had a boot.

I would have though they would have all rusted to bits by now!

I was quite surprised really I had one for a short time when I was 19. It leaked oil, had loads of white gunk under the oil cap and rusted easily.

Not a bad drive though.


sandy56    on 16 July 2018

Many years ago my wife had a VX CHevette. She hated it so it was moved on.
I bought her a Ford RS2000 instead. She did like that.
I wish I had kept it though!

SLO76    on 17 July 2018

I went to view one with a friend a couple of years back, a very rare late white 4dr saloon on an A plate. Basic as it gets but solid and running sweetly. He bought it for £700 with plans to modify it. Eventually he lost interest and flogged it on to another chap who squeezed a 16v 2.0 red top into it then put it up for sale again as a half finished project again. Poor thing seems destined to never be complete.

It did drive rather well, a real blast from the past with supple suspension and feelsome unassisted steering. It deserved an owner who was prepared to spend good money and time on it but sadly the low value even in perfect condition keeps killing it.

My good friend bought a lovely Mk II Ford Escort with a Burton tuned 2.0 Pinto which is a joy to drive and look at. Huge difference in value compared to the much rarer Chevette ensures that money will be spent keeping this tip top.    on 20 February 2022

I had a new Chevette estate as a company car in 1977 when I worked for Granada TV rental. They had previously used Vauxhall Viva estates. The Chevette was a nice car but very basic by today's standards. They were a common sight on the roads up to the late 1980s. Haven't seen one for ages though.

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