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Any - No MOT For Cars Over 40 years Old?

I'm concerned about all classic, vintage and veteran cars coming on to the road without any kind of compulsory safety inspection. I realise that modern emissions criteria and brake efficiency tests can't be applied to older vehicles.

A major question is what construction and usage regs will apply? I recall older cars having no or one brake lights from new and only one headlight opeating on dip. Many people had to uprate the lighting and added indicator systems to make cars legal and easier to integrate with modern traffic.

Will the lack of MOTs permit vehicles to be returned to absolutely original specification?

I ask this because I saw an HWM/HRG, I think, with only one central front light the other day.


Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}    on 17 November 2017

I've had answers on the main forum, so forget this please.

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