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Ford 4500 RDS EON - radio code


Can you help me about the code of the ford fiesta radio.

My serial is M003017


Asked on 25 December 2016 by Leo_JV

23 answers

khcomp    on 3 January 2017

Your code is 2859

Alexandru Gabriel Nemtoiu    on 22 March 2017

Hi please help me with a code for my ford fiesta code is M03 1208

Jaanyone    on 1 December 2017

can someone help please..i need my ford fusion radio code..

serial number: m220774

elekie&a/c doctor    on 1 December 2017


Rabie Sedrak    on 18 May 2018

Hello guys, If you can help me find the code for my Ford Fusion 2005, Radio Code - M164757 ? Can anyone help ? Thank you very much

elekie&a/c doctor    on 21 May 2018

8739 is your code

Lyuba_    on 13 December 2017

Hi everyone, may I please ask for your help? I need a radio code for my ford fiesta 2002, model 4500 RDS E.O.N, Serial Number of the radio is MO44146. I would be very grateful if someone could generate it for me, thank you!

Bobby I    on 13 December 2017

Hi All, just found this forum while looking for a fiesta radio code! My serial no is M270663. If anyone can generate a code, it would be much appreciated. Cheers

elekie&a/c doctor    on 13 December 2017

044146 is 0630

270663 is 3457

Lyuba_    on 14 December 2017

All is fine, thank you for your help :)))

Bobby I    on 13 December 2017

Thanks so much! That worked a treat

kennaphil    on 16 December 2017

can someone help please need radio code for ford fiesta 6000cd

serial number v089289 or m0246776


elekie&a/c doctor    on 16 December 2017

V 089289 is 6477

Your M number has too many digits Should be M and 6 digits.

seb20000    on 21 December 2017

Hello everyone.. my battery gone dead and now need to revive radio on my focus. Serial is M138459. Thank you -- edit: was answered from another thread. issue was solved thx

Edited by seb20000 on 21/12/2017 at 14:19

Advanced387    on 21 May 2018


Can you help me about the code for ford fiesta radio.

Serial number is M115404


elekie&a/c doctor    on 21 May 2018

That will be 4544

Dannieb321    on 29 August 2018

Hi can anyone help me ? I’m after a code for the radio in my ford van the serial number is M217653 many thanks

afra khan    on 29 September 2018

thanks for sharing your post.

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Abz45    on 10 October 2018

Hi can someone help please, i need my ford fusion radio code..

serial number: M391996


elekie&a/c doctor    on 11 October 2018

code is 7607

No I'm Spartacus    on 8 November 2018

Hi, can anyone help with the code for my mother in laws ford fiesta 4500 radio code please? The serial number is M065264

elekie&a/c doctor    on 8 November 2018

That will be 1426

No I'm Spartacus    on 10 November 2018

Thank you very much for that

Steve from Sensemaster    on 13 November 2018

Hi, could you help me please?? My dad has a Ford Fusion with a 4500 rds eon radio. The serial number is M025378. Can you supply the code please?? Thanking you in advance, Steve

elekie&a/c doctor    on 13 November 2018

That code will be 2067

Steve from Sensemaster    on 13 November 2018

Thank you for your help.

koni4jo    on 26 November 2018

Got battery changed and turned out that i do not have the keycode.
Can you help me? MO37075

elekie&a/c doctor    on 26 November 2018

That code will be 2755

Alexey    on 2 December 2018

Hi guys,
I'm Ford radio code supplier.

You can unlock any V or M series at
It's FREE!


Blato    on 2 December 2018


Carien Nieuwenburg    on 4 December 2018

Hi, can you help me with the keycode for mij Ford Fiesta 2002 M097318?
Thanks a lot!!

donnamw    on 5 December 2018

I need a code for serial number. MO52829 please

elekie&a/c doctor    on 5 December 2018

M 097318 =4179

M 052829 = 1154

Carien Nieuwenburg    on 12 December 2018


Alexey    on 19 December 2018

Hi guys,

Here a video guide about all you need to know about retrieving a Ford radio code.
It contains info about how to find serial, retrieve the code and how to enter it on the radio.

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