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Austin/MG/Ford etc - Spare parts availability

I am looking at buying a classic car next spring e.g 1960s vintage, Austin Princess, Daimler, MG MGC and the like. However I don't want to buy a car to find that the availability of spare parts is limited or non existent. Can anyone advise me as to the makes which have the best parts availability and some to avoid! I expect I will do it through an owners club but some guidance before I start would be really useful.



RaineMan    on 4 September 2016

Your question is too broad to be answered in detail. In general cars like Jaguars, MG and Triumph have good spares availability. Spares for older VWs and Mercedes are prety good as well but at a price. There are also a lot of spares/alternatives/upgrades available for popular cars like the Minor and Mk I/II Escort - in fact you can now get a new Mk II bodyshell. By comparison parts for the Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac range are getting increasingly difficult. Many Leyland/Ford/Vauxhall models could prove difficult for non-service items. You quote quite a diverse range of cars. I think you need to narrow your choice and then ask again...

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