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Toyota Corolla Saloon 1.3 - D reg 1986 Toyota Corrolla

This query is on my mothers behalf. She has a 1986 Toyota that she is reluctant to part with. Currently we are having troubles sourcing a replacement windscreen. Her current garage or mechanic had been trying to source one from India but this has taken the best part of three months now and she was recently told that the company he was using had gone out of business. Then recently the same person offered to buy the car. My mum was not impressed by his attitude and hence the reason I am contacting you.

Are you able to advise the best course of action and perhaps a trusted contact that me be able to assist with finding an appropriate windscreen.

Your assistance in the past has always been very much appreciated.

Rudi Balko

Asked on 10 August 2016 by rudi6x

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