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Lanchester? - pre selector transmissions

Does anyone know if a pre-selector counts as an auto for licence purposes? my wife has an auto only licence and would like me to get an real oldie that she can drive. Post 1960 or so there are quite a few, mainly Rovers, but pre-1960, not many.


galileo    on 26 June 2016

Daimlers up to early Fifties and Armstrong Siddeleys of the same period also had Wilson pre-selector boxes. (some pre-war Rileys and MGs did too).

As these have three pedals, probably not classed as automatics anyway for licensing purposes.

RaineMan    on 18 August 2016

Pre-select gearboxes are mentioned in the DVLA document DT1 for driving examiners and is as clear as mud. Some bus companies let drivers with automatic licences drive pre-selects but I would advise you to contact the DVLA to avoid any potential insurance issues.

I test drove a Daimler Conquest with pre-select. a few years ago It was incedibly smooth and in reality I think your wife would not have a problem, I didn'r buy the car as it was falling apart and the owner was using the fact it was MOT exempt!

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jc2    on 28 August 2016

Some of the larger engined vehicles used a fluid flywheel(like a torque converter on an auto) but many of the smaller engined vehicles used the first gear brake-band as a clutch.

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