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1972 MGB GT 1.8 - Buying a 1972 MGB GT

Dear Sir,

Recently I found that an old friend was going to sell a 1972 MGB GT, which had been lovingly cared for all its life and was now under its own cover inside a garage. (Two owners from new. Present owner has had it for 40+years)

It is a car I'd always admired, but I cannot afford the present asking price of £10,000. Naturally I do not wish to hurt my friend's feelings by offering the price I can afford and yet the dealer prices are lower still. So I'm in a quandary and would seek the advice of somebody with more knowledge than me, as I do not want to diidle my friend, because friendship is much more important than money.

The car is in pristine conditionwith no rust, but has not been used for about 5 years.


RaineMan    on 9 September 2016

A bit late in the day but did you buy the car? My reaction (bear in mind I have never seen it) is that unless it is concurs it is expensive for a car that has not moved for over five years. It will need recommissioning (including a comprehensive service) and may new a new clutch (could be seized) and a brake rebuild (seized calipers, etc.). The latter two items could end up costing well over £1000! It may well need a set of tyres as well...

So did you buy?

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Paul Milsom    on 22 January 2017

Business and friends do not mix. Don't buy it .. it'll ruin a friendship. go find another one , get a decent one from a club member for around £4k rubber bumpers are cheaper, not so desireable, and ride inch and a half higher. chrome bumpers up oi 73 better, rust? check castle rails on chassis and "dogleg" panels by rear wheel. plus sills. all available . weak points, lever arm dampers, crappy interior. and a load of other stuff. look for overdrive. desireable.

Edited by Paul Milsom on 22/01/2017 at 18:44

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