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1.9 - BMW Z3

What's the thinking on theBMW z3model.I have a almost mint condition 17 year old 1.9 petrol manual in Atlanta blue with 51'000 miles same as the Goldeneye car except with black leather instead of tan.I don't use the car much and I was thinking to sell but I am wondering if it's value may increase and would I regret it just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or info about current or future z3 values.Thanks Mark


rjbell    on 28 February 2016

I would say they have hit the lowest price point now so wouldn't be the best time to sell. Although popular roadsters don't seem to fetch huge amounts in the UK. You can still buy a tidy MGB under £10k. They are popular base model for the kit car crowd so could begin to get rarer but still around 16,000 on the road. Compare that to something like a similar aged alfa spider which has less than 1,000 on uk roads or a Honda s2000 with 5,000 on the road the z3 is not partically rare. You would need to han on to it for decades rather than years.

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