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Volkswagen Scirocco - Anyone here ever owned a mk1 Scirocco?

A friend of mine is thinking of buying a mk1 VW Scirocco GLS and I was wondering if anyone here had owned one?

What are they like and (more importantly) what should he watch out for when buying one? I know they're rare and prone to rust, but not a lot else.

Any help would be much appreciated!


mrmender    on 20 February 2016

Ive Owned 1 MK1 and about 10 MK2 Scirocco's The MK1's are very special indeed.

Mechanically bullet proof

Yes your are quite correct they can and do rust everywhere. Sills inner and outer, rear axel beam mounts very prone also.

They drive very well, sharp handling with ok performance in GLS mode much brisker in injection mode.

lots of info can be had on the Scirocco register forum,

Datsun Dave    on 7 March 2016

thanks, will pass the info on!

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