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Time for a Bluebird?

Every time I look at the cars for sale ads, there's always a tempting Bluebird for not much money.... one owner, full history, parking dings, mint interior.... It's like they're following me about. Anyone had one? It might be an itch that I have to scratch...


SLO76    on 10 September 2016

Used to sell them in the 90's. Dull as dishwater to drive (even the ZX Turbo) but mechanically bombproof, (knew one 2.0D taxi with 1m miles on it) the trade loved them. Had all the toys and were painless to own and sell.

No point in worrying about performance, you won't want to drive them quickly anyway so the 1.6 and 1.8 are fine. The 1.8 GS was always a popular choice with everything you could need and enough torque to keep pace on the motorway. The 2.0 diesel was unkillable but slow in the extreme.

A good simple and usable cheap retro everyday car.

Paul Milsom    on 22 January 2017

Often Dubbed "the car for people with no interest in motoring"

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