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Top 10: £1000 'modern classic' execs

Who doesn’t like the idea of being wafted along in a ‘business class’ executive car, settling back in armchair-like comfort as you cruise effortlessly at speed? It certainly sounds good to us. But what happens if your budget is no more than a grand? Don’t worry, because there are still plenty of choices available to you...

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Jaguar XJ6 ‘X300’

Although based around the previous ‘XJ40’, the new ‘X300’ series of XJ6 was a leap forward in terms of quality, reliability and styling, with a return to a traditional bonnet line that followed the shape of the quad headlamps (reminiscent of the old SIII XJ6). It sold well from 1994 to ’97, when the V8-engined ‘X308’ took over, and these days you can pick up a high-mileage ‘X300’ for around the £1000 mark – or even less. If you can afford to stretch your budget, however, £2000 will buy you a nicely looked after example that hasn’t been to the moon and back.


Phil Norton    on 29 September 2017

The Audi. What's not to like? Ugly, awful interiors, unreliable, expensive to fix, scruffy and downmarket, bangers for the local council estate, not classics.

Of this selection, only the two Jags, the Rover, and the Saab are worth having, the rest belong in the scrapyards where most reside.

As for the Jags having been to the moon and back, it doesn't matter if they have; they'll do it again, and again.

Edited by Phil Norton on 29/09/2017 at 07:16

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