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Top 10: Funny classic car adverts

It’s well-known that humour helps to sell. Make people laugh and they’ll be more inclined to buy your product. Well, that’s the theory. And if these classic TV ads are anything to go by, it’s a well-used tool amongst car manufacturers and their marketing folk.

We’ve gathered together ten of our favourite TV car ads from around the world, most of them using humour to tempt you into some fairly mundane models. So let’s celebrate some of the best – and worst – funny car ads of the last forty years. 

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Lada… with Cannon and Ball

Remember the comedy duo Cannon and Ball (Tommy and Bobby respectively), famed for their summer specials and Christmas extravaganzas in the ’80s? Lada’s UK importer of the time wanted to cash in on their popularity. So along came this ad for the Lada line-up, offering the Riva and Samara for as little as £99 a month (typical APR 19.5%, can you believe?). The idea was to prevent folk from buying secondhand and enduring “risky motoring”. But, of course, Bobby got the wrong end of the stick. Oh, how we laughed. Almost.


   on 21 December 2016

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Say what you like about BL / Austin / Rover cars, (although I really liked a lot of them), they did some cracking TV commercials. Batman and Robin ad was a classic. The Two Ronnies commercial was worthy of being a sketch on their TV show. And the driving skill of Russ Swift in a Montego is truly amazing. (I know some people will berate the Montego, but I knew someone who had a 2.0GSi, which had a magnificent wood and leather (&c omfortable) interior, that gave over 200k trouble free miles). Shame this list wasn't a top 11, as another absolute classic ad from BL was the "Austin Metro, a British car to beat the world". An advert which could almost be written for our current Brexit times! It almost predicted the future! www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4-8LgXjQbc

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