Top 10: Cars from the NEC classic motor show

Every year, classic car fans make the journey to Birmingham's NEC where they can see some of the weirdest and most wonderful examples - and this year was no exception. For modern cars for sale, check


Rover 114 GTa

Owned by the British Motor Museum, this was the last Rover 100 to be produced at Longbridge. It rolled off the line on February 20, 1998, and in true Rover style it was signed by all 1200 employees who had worked on the car.


Cortina Convertible

The prototype MkV Cortina convertible was built by Crayford and displayed at the 1980 London motor show. Crayford sold the design to Carbodies and only about 30 were built.


Ford Focus RS Mk1

The current darling of the modern classic world, the Mk1 Ford Focus RS is a car on the up - as evidenced by the examples on this club stand.


1988 Group N Peugeot 309 GTi Rally Car

In 1988, Peugeot launched a bid to uncover some raw rally talent. Members were offered a discount on an ex-competition department 309GTI. No modifications were allowed and the winner would get a Works Drive in the RAC Rally. The Challenge itself started in 1989 and the pilot scheme included one Colin McRae.


Land Rover Discovery

Looks like just another old Disco, doesn't it? But wait... it's on a C plate. That's 1986-86 - a good three years before the Discovery was introduced. So what's the story? Current thinking is that it was a test mule, registered as a Rover and possibly fitted with a van body to ward off spying press.


Victoria Mk2

In October 1972, Spanish carmaker Authi replaced its Morris and MG 1100/1300 (ADO16) models with the Victoria. The bodyshell was borrowed from the Austin Apache, made in South Africa. And the Apache itself was one of the aborted ADO22 proposals aimed at facelifing ADO16. But here's the interesting thing: this car is badged as a Mk2, which techncially was never made. Could it be one of the test cars made before the factory burned down?


Rover 214 GSi

The Mk2 or R8 Rover 200 was launched in 1989. As part of the launch programme, this car was sectioned before later doing the tours of various motorshows and museums on educational duty.


Rover 420 GSi Tourer

One of the last Tourers made with the 2.0-litre T-series of engines, this car was previously owned by a builder. This took its toll on the car and meant it very nearly reached the end of its life. Thankfully, it was bought by an owner who restored it and resprayed it. Although its changed hands since, it's current owner continues to cherish it. Despite being the last bodystyle to join the 400-series, the Tourer is now the rarest. Which we reckon makes this one well worth saving.


Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

This pre-production car featured as part of the television restoration series Car SOS. During the show, the Avenger Sunbeam Owners' Club (which had been invovled with the on-screen project) added the finishing touches to it.


Vauxhall Viva HB GT Mk2

Larger than it's HA predecessor, the HB Viva featured 'coke-bottle' styling, drawing influence from General Motors stablemates such as the Chevrolet Impala and Caprice. Power was up to 112bhp and handling was on par with best in class.