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Volvo 440 and 460 (1987 - 1997)

Last updated 11 December 2018


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  • Came after 480 coupe on same floorpan.
  • 14' 2" (4,318mm) long x 5' 6" (1,676mm) wide.
  • Plenty of attention to secondary safety.
  • Crude but effective Renault diesel.
  • 1.8 CVT automatic probably the best combination.
  • Many former 340/360 owners liked their 440s and 460s just as much and mourn the passing of this car.


  • Booted 460 an aesthetic compromise.
  • Poor Dutch build quality of early production from factory in Born.
  • Ride quality not brilliant, especially of 460 with a laden boot.
  • May rust prematurely.
  • 440 1.7 and 1.8 conventional automatics suffer same problem of primary drum splitting as Renaults.


  • Rust, especially in body seams (they ruse much sooner than 240s and 340s).
  • Oil-consuming 2.0 litre versions may have required 'mod 2371', carried out 'in-service' by Volvo dealers.
  • Look for at least the first four years' official Volvo dealer servicing to make sure 'in-service' improvements were carried out.
  • PAS not always fitted, but can be retro-fitted for about £600.
  • Late, facelifted 440s and 460s the best.
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