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Volkswagen Jetta (1984 - 1992)

Last updated 29 April 2015


Model Timeline

1984: second generation Volkswagen Jetta
  • Underrated 'Golf with a rucksack'. Stiffer body so handles better than a Golf with fewer rattles.
  • 14' 2" long by 5' 5" wide. Weighed from an amazingly light 725kg (for the 1.3) to 1,010kg (for the 16v).
  • 139bhp 16v seriously quick, does 60 in 2nd gear, and gets there in 7 seconds.
  • 'Long life' bodies, exhausts, batteries, shock absorbers.
1989: Range facelifted
  • PAS standard on 'big bumper' GL and GTi from August 1989. 
  • Euro Car Parts (0541 506506) supplies cheap parts.


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