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Volkswagen Golf Mk3 (1992 - 1997)

Last updated 24 August 2017

Golf status, VR6 the best.
Flexes and rattles. Not as good as Mk II.
1992: Volkswagen launches Mk III Golf

Strong image in its day. High residuals in its day. 13' 2" long and 5' 7" wide. Weighs from 1,000kg to 1,155kg. Best engines are 90bhp TDI, 150bhp 2.0 16v and 174bhp 2.8 VR6. Also 100 bhp 1.6...

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The Mk 3 Golf had a very hard act to follow. Its predecessor, the Mk 2, was the best car in its class in many respects. Durable, reliable, beautifully executed, and over-shone by a halo model in the form of the iconic Mk 2 Golf GTi.

As a result, the Mk 3, with its dumpy styling, bland cabin and indifferent handling, was a bit of a disappointment. But that’s not the whole story. It was also a car of many firsts… It had water-based paint (which, sadly, made it somewhat rot-prone), it was more recyclable than any other car in its class, and in ‘Ecomatic’ format was the pioneer of today’s stop-start technology for Volkswagen Group cars. 

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